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I am a social and convivial nature of having a 25 years old cyclist from Kotka. I am characterized by conscientiousness and are motivated by results-oriented doing.


My career began when my father started taking me on bike rides. I realized very quickly that this is my species. With a strong skating background, I developed to a good level in cycling very quickly and dared to participate in fitness runs. All in all, I am with the road cycling have been dealing with since 2014.


I started the actual competition in 2017 in category 2, when I represented a cycling club called Rantapyörä. In the autumn of 2018, I moved to the Achilles ranks in Porvoo and started programmed training under the supervision of Kari Myyryläinen.


My goal is to succeed as well as possible at the national level.



My best achievements


Willimies runs 2019. 9th place in the M elite

Lahti Royal 2018. 4th place Racing series

Lahti Royal 2015. 3 place fitness series

Forssa Summer Evening 2017. 3rd place fitness series

Several roller skating Finnish championship medals from different years in the under-18 series.

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