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Climate change is one of the most wicked problems of our time, but it can be solved and at the same time Finnish racing cycling can be raised to the top of the world. And it’s not really at all surprising that these things are reconcilable. Cycling is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel.


We are in a hurry to solve this big challenge that affects the lives of all of us. We want to take an active part in one of the largest movements in the history of the world, a global force against climate change that includes almost all nations and their governments. 


The Akilles Green Team is determined to raise big questions and run in both domestic and international competitions under the theme “Racing For The Future”. With an activating and positive attitude, we want to be a message exporter. Anything is possible and even this race is possible to win.



Porvoon Akilles has produced dozens of top Finnish drivers. Akilles is working long-term to raise the club

to the top of the leaderboards in 2022, when the club turns 120 years old.


Our goal is to combine Finnish racing cycling with the fight against climate change. We want to activate

Finnish companies and private people

do climate work by walking, running and pedaling.


At the same time, we want to create a development platform for Finnish top cycling to be able to develop young cyclists to professionals.


Akilles invites companies and their personnel to do concrete climate actions and develop top Finnish cycling.

Porvoo Akilles is one of the oldest and most traditional cycling clubs in the country.


The Akilles of Porvoo was founded in 1902 and its bicycle section in 1911. You can get acquainted with the fascinating story of Akilles, which contains numerous anecdotes, in our history section.


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  1. Jesper Lindahl

  2. Juuso Klaavu

  3. Janne Vallgren

  4. Jari Hyttinen

  5. Ukko Peltonen

  6. Veeti Vainio (U23)

  7. Roope Vainio (U23)

8. patrik Arola (U23)

9.Antti-Jussi Juntunen

10. Jaakko Sillankorva (U23)

11. Rasmus Laitala

12. Leevi Kervinen (U23)

13. Aksel Rantanen (U23)

14.  Emil Ljäs (U19)

Famous one-day classic from 1926 onwards, Porvoon Ajo, together with its parallel events, forms an annual cycling super weekend in summer of Porvoo.


Porvoon Ajo is Finland's toughest and most international cycling race.


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15. Tatu Ahvenainen (U19)

16. Jonathan Hyttinen (U19)

17. Mikael Uuksulainen (U19)

18. lauri Kortejärvi (U17)

19.Eeli Hyttinen (U15)

20. Jonathan Ewalds

21. Olli Lappalainen 

22. Jesper Lindberg

Team leader, communications Ari Långsjö

Team management Mika Vainio,

Päivi Karhu,

Ismo Öhman,

Terhi Järvikari

Head coach Kari Myyryläinen

Team doctor Rasmus Laitala, LK

Maintenance Sami Järvikari

Marketing and communication Ari Halla-aho

Patrick Wackström, Chairman of the Support Group, Energy Counselor, CEO, Porvoon Energia Oy

International Coordination Kjell Carlström, General Manager, the World Tour Team Israel Startup Nation


The coronavirus crisis has totally changed world sports calendars. The safety of athletes and spectators and the government instructions to combat the epidemic have led to the fact that many major competitions, such as the European Football Championships, the Summer Olympics and the Cycling Super Weekend and Porvoon Ajo in Porvoo, have moved forward by a year. With these prospects, the Games will be launched in Finland in August and in Estonia as early as June. Here are the known competitions that our team will take part in:


17-19.1.2020 Kiljavan camp 3vr

week 7-8 2020 Spain SFI camp

7-22.3.2020 Mallorcan camp

6.6.2020 Brand and Photography Day, Porvoo

1-4.7.2020 Tartu Youth Tour, Otepää

7/5/2020 Elva Bicycle Day Filter 1

7/11/2020 Driving Hyrylä, Vantaa ???

12.07.2020. Driving in the region, Vantaa ???

7/19/2020 Kuusalu Rattaralli Filter 2

1.8.2020 Suure-Munamäe cycling rally Filter 3

1-2.8.2020 Terva etapit, Oulu

1.8.2020 SM Criterium, Oulu Skoda Cup 1

2.8.2020 SM Team Trial, Oulu

7-8.8.2020 ISM, Iso-Syöte

8.8.2020 Fellmanin Ajo, Lahti

12.8.2020 Lauri Aus, Tallinn

8/16/2020 Helsinki Velotour Skoda Cup 2


21.8 .2020 SM time trial, Iso-Syöte

22-23.8.2020 SM road cycling, Iso-Syöte Skoda Cup 3

29-30.8.2020 Syysetapit, Kankaanpää

6.9.2020 Kerkkoon Ajot, Porvoo

13.9.2020 Lattomeri. Pori Skoda Cup 4

9/20/2020 Rosendahl GP, Skoda Cup 5

26.10.2020 HEL CX, Porvoo Kokonniemi






Cycling gives you plenty of time to be with yourself, focus on thinking and watching the changing landscapes, and at the same time feel the big muscles do the intense work that takes you to the trance at its best. The lengthening loops take you farther and farther from your home district to the surrounding countryside and provinces.


Regular competitions create a torturous excitement that tingles even days before. The races teach you to struggle in a large group of space and shelter, as well as to read the course of the race and the racing partners driving next to it. The more alert and experienced drivers lurk in places of impact and are able to make lightning-fast decisions with intuition and cyclist instinct. Successes, failures, every experience teaches and increases a competitor’s instinct.


The first training camps at home and abroad quickly come into the picture for the young rider, expanding the circle of life and teaching that cycling is a team sport when approaching the top, where big wins are generated through the almost inhumane effort of individuals with the support of teammates.


At some point in this process, perhaps the dream and dream of a young cyclist arises. A dream of one of the toughest professions in the world, a career as a cyclist. The Akilles Green Team has created a ready-made path for good practice and tough international competitions. The resources of experienced cycling coaches and a support team will help you achieve your big dream. The Akilles Green Team is strengthened and renewed with young cyclists.


We invite you who want to put yourself in the league and compete for your dreams and our common future. We also get to work on something bigger than one person’s dream, for a sustainable climate. It is you who can be the future of Akilles. Please, contact us and we'll talk more.






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