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Raul Edward Hellberg ( December 15, 1900 Porvoo - October 30, 1985 Porvoo) [ was a Finnish racing cyclist and businessman.


He won twice the Nordic Road Championship.

Hellberg won a total of 24 Finnish championships, the first of which in 1923 on road trips of 10, 30 and 60 kilometers. In the late 1920s and 1930s, he was the absolute pinnacle of Finnish and Nordic racing cyclists. At the Amsterdam Olympics in 1928, he finished tenth in road driving.


The success of the competition helped Hellberg to become Finland's most significant cycling influence in his time as a businessman, equipment developer and organization man. Hellberg was successful as a businessman in the sports equipment industry. Raul Hellberg Oy, founded by him, worked for a long time as an importer and wholesaler. Hellberg was awarded the title of Commercial Counselor in 1964 .


Hellberg was a sports influencer, wrote about cycling, and developed tools.


Hellberg's parents were mechanic Edward Hellberg and Emma Lahtinen,   the sister was commercial adviser Rakel Wihuri (nee Hellberg), brother commercial adviser Rudolf Hellberg, who worked first in Raul Hellberg Oy and then in the Wihuri Group.


Hellberg learned to ride a bike at the age of seven and at the age of 14 he began racing trials. Only at the age of 20 did he surrender to the enchantment of racing and practice his sport by applying Paavo Nurmi's training methods.

"Endurance training played a key role, but the program also included improving driving skills and alertness, maintaining the ability to drive, researching competition tactics and quickly repairing bicycle damage," Heikki Klemola writes.

In his old days, Hellberg recalled that in the 1920s he drove every day summers and winters from Porvoo to Helsinki and back, ie sixty kilometers in each direction.

Hellberg's development was rapid. He won 10, 30 and 60 kilometers of road trips at the 1923 Finnish Championships. He also began to perform at the top in Nordic competitions, but did not participate in the 1924 Paris Olympics.

Hellberg´s great period began in 1927. He was clearly number one in Finland, and second only to the internationally known Danish Olympic winner and world champion Henry Hansen in the Nordic Championships.

Hellberg achieved the coveted Nordic championship in 1930 in Copenhagen for 150 kilometers. He defeated Hansen too by six minutes. In the same year, Hellberg was superior in the Oslo-Stockholm stage race, where he won convincingly four of the five stages.

F0r the second time Hellberg became the Nordic champion in 1932, when he won 182 kilometers race in Stockholm. In total, Hellberg won 24 Finnish championships. There were also 24 Finnish records in his name, some of which remained until the 1940s. The result of the 12-hour drive he drove in 1929, 372 kilometers, was once a world record.


"What was characteristic of Hellberg's initial success as a businessman was that in the first race he won in Porvoo in 1926, all the best ones rode an Automoto bike, which he sold as the only Finnish entrepreneur," Klemola writes.


As a businessman in the sports equipment industry, Hellberg did well. He was awarded the title of Commercial Counselor in 1964. The entrepreneurial talent was not a mere coincidence, as the four younger siblings also did well in business.

Raul Hellberg's Street came to Helsinki in 1997.


For a young cyclist:

"A young cyclist - and just him - is hurt and has always had a lot of adversity in the early days. This is sure to happen. Don't be frightened by these sports days. If he does, he is not the right cyclist to be transformed into a great cyclist after hard and long, tenacious training, and only after one disappointment after another, after learning the bitter lime of failure, does he learn to understand the great importance of training, lifestyle and tried and tested advice. Only then will he begin to develop into the beginning of a cyclist, a man who, when time has passed, will first become a strong cyclist and - over time later - possibly a top man in his field. "


Raul Hellberg, Pyöräily, Porvoo 1937.



In the little village Renum, with the presence of 100 inhabitants in the eastern part of the Porvoo, has raised many Finnish cyclists during the time. All the best among them is Harry Hannus, who could easily play with all the other domestic competitors, he raced in the four Olympic games and made almost an all time sensation in the hot and dumb World  in Venezuela.


Harry Hannus finns med i Yle Sportens rankning över Svenskfinlands 50 största idrottshjältar genom tiderna.


Landsväg 1571 slingrar sig genom Skog och åkerlandskap österut från Borgå Centrum. Terrain is smoked with no other bristles. 10 kilometers from Centrum, när åkerlandskapet tar över vid Sannäs gårds marker, börjar man närma sig den lilla mytomspunna byn.

En 200 meter Lång raka öppnar sig, bland ortsbor kallad "Renum-raakån". Här stiger man in i det som länge var cyklingens Centrum i Suomi, Renum by.

After the start, you will be able to use the scarf. "Raakån" is the same as the genome by the genome.

Even den första Skarpa svängen bor Finlands mest framgångsrika herrcyklist genom tiderna, Harry Hannus. Hannus, with up to 40 FM gulds in its capacity, is undergoing a career in the OS and the VM.

I VM 1977 var han nära att ställa till med alla tiders blåvita cykelbragd.

"Pedaltramparna" in Achilles


Cyklingen i Borgå kom igng kring 1910-talet, först som Borgå Velocipedklubb. Verksamheten togs senare över av Achilles som grundats 1902. Cyklisterna gick under section “pedaltrampare” i föreningen.

Akillescyklister hade redan skördat en del framgång fram till inbördeskriget 1918, men det var först after 1920-talet som Borgåcyklingen tog fart ordentligt.

Raul Hellberg may be a member of the Executive Committee. Hellberg själv knep 24 FM-guld under åren 1921–1934 och kom comia vid OS i Amsterdam 1928.

På Hellbergs initiated the arrest of the Borgåloppet första gången in 1926. Tävlingen har blivit en institution inom finländsk cyclling.


Renum förs in på världskartan

After that Raul Hellbergs and Förde bland andra Albin Andersson, Karl-Erik Blomfelt, Helmer Munther, Nils Henriksson and Thorvald Högström Akillescyklingens traditioner vidare.


I början av 1950-talet framträdde sedan en ny lovande förmåga, Ole Wackström. However, it is possible for the current number of years to reach the value of the cycle.

Ole Wackström cyclists in the Olympic Games (1968 and 1972) and the VM. He has been involved in a career under the name of Harry Flea, who is still a member of Harry Hannus.

I OS 1980 skulle Renumgänget komma att stå för en otrolig bedrift.


Be fixade fram cyklarna

Someday Grabb i början av 1950-talet var det skidåkning som stod högst i kurs för Harry Hannus och de ervrig barnen i Renum. After this, Ole Wackström is interested in the exchange rate and the interest rate.

These may be replaced by three cyclical cycles at the bottom of the cycle.


Harry Hannus, a great cycling hero from Porvoo's Achilles, has the most attachments in the Hellracer trophy, with a total of nine wins. The founder of the competition, Achilles Raul Hellberg, has seven mortgages.


Så gott som oslagbar i Suomi

Under the curry of the strings from 1984 to the year Harry Hannus ofattbara 45 FM-guld. You can play the FM medallion with the first time. Under the 70th century, he can be found in the country.

For FM-Gulden baths, the Classical Borgåloppet nio gånger under ett tidsspann på tolv ärrn fränn öppningssegern 1972. Ingen klarade av att utmana honom.

- Jag hade inget motstånd i Finland under många år. If you want to leave the end of your stay in Chans. The gicks go on and off the ground in the first place. In this case, the number of beds and the number of parts in question are reduced.


Hannus har inte gjort sig känd genom långa utförliga svarh and analyzer efter tävlingar, men när det kommer till attatät anekdoter tänder han till. This is the case in Finland and in the history of the camp.

Till exempel från de gånger han tröttnade på att dettt var han han fick dra från start till mål i nationella tävlingar. Hur han än försökte få någon annan upp och hjälpa, så bromsade alla bara in och lade sig bakom Hans hjul.

- But the top is precisely all over the gjord. In this case, it is arguable that the banana is fresh and fresh until the start. Flera flew afterwards after blinka. For the purposes of this Regulation, the number of persons referred to in paragraph 1 shall not exceed.


The proposed decision was adopted.

Under ytterligare ett vég där Hannus fick sköta jobbet ensam ryckte han kraftigt i ett tidigt skede ocog drug ifrån förföljarna. After that, the curtain swings out of the way and from the ground to the roller coaster. Sedan tog han upp jakten på nytt.

- När jag sedan kom ikapp Yes ropade jag "hörni ni är ett varv efter!". Sedan cyklade jag förbi pojkarna Yes och körde överlägset hem segern.


Så överlägsen var Harry Hannus.


Alltid ensam

Framgångarna nationellt öppnade också dörren till Internationella tävlingar. The VM debut in the 1970s and the uprising were to be redeemed at the sea level. In the case of Finland. I think that this is the case with Ole Wackström.

Under the terms of the VM-Tävlingar började Hannus få sällskap av flera Renumcyklister, då Oles Söner Patrick och Sixten Wackström nådde seniornivå.

I VM i Spanien 1973 visade Harry Hannus att han hör till de bästa även internationellt genom att komma sexa i linjeloppet. Detta efter urstark ensamåkning mot lagen från världens toppnationer.

- Jag fick alltid circle ensam. In this case, the final accounts with the end of the year are clearly in order. Det gick helt enkelt för fort för dom. Jag fick Klara mig ensam och det är inte det lättaste att kämpa mot lag på sex personer där alla jobbar mot dig.

This is a paradox for Hannus in Finland. With the result that there is a result in the VM municipalities, it is annotated.

Kunde ha vunnit VM-guld

Inför VM 1977 var Harry Hannus i strålande form. VM gick i Venezuela och förväntades bli en av de grymmaste på länge med Tung bana ocit olliget hetta.

Menus Hannus var något som Passade utmärkt.

- Jag har aldrig haft problem with colors. This is true of the company. Att tavla i Kyla Passade inte mig överhuvudtaget.

Now this is a good idea and you don't have any jokes. These measures were taken in the first half of the 1970s.

- Ibland gick det till så att snöplogen körde före och vi efter. This can be costly to the end of the genome. I am a muscular girl in the village and after the end fick man ofta lyfta mig av cykeln då jag var så stelfrusen.


Venezuela shall continue to operate at all times, including in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation. Inte Heller den här gången hade Hannus hjälp av sina lagkamrater. De hamnade Stiga av banan när Energin tog slut. Men Hannus orkade.


In the present case, the group will be closed. Hannus hade missat chansen att ülja med när rymlingarna stack, men hade nu krafter kvar och tog upp jakten.


In this case, the stem is shown as a trion and the like is in sync. Mållinjen kom ändå emot för snabbt och Hannus fick baja sig med en fjärde plats - bara sex sekunder från en VM-medalj.

- Now that the name of the person has been in place. This is possible only for the purpose of the application. The results are limited to the number of passes that are perfect. Jag skulle ha haft Chans att vinna.


Patrick Wackström is going to be out of the way.

- He may be deprived of his rights. Han borde ha vunnit. It can be made in the form and in the form of a color. In his case, the Commission and the Court of First Instance therefore guarantee that, if necessary, Mr Wackström.

I do not have the right to enter the medal.

Trots besvikelsen är Hannus fjärde plats fortfarande den bästa finländska VM-placeringen bland Herrar på seniornivå.


Renum-lag på sjunde plats i OS

The full text of the Olympic Games. Hannus deltog i fyra OS och den bästa placeringen blev en tolfte plats i OS i Moskva 1980. I sig en fin placering - men Hannus förväntningar var högre.

Vurpor, puncture and collision spoolers are used for the subsequent installation.

- Det var mycket otur. Till exempel i München 1972 hamnade jag avbryta nästan genast efter start då jag åkte omkull och cykeln gick sönder. Framhjulet böjdes som en åtta och bakväxeln kroknade. This can be done.

In its own way, it is possible to enter the city center of Moscow, but it is possible to turn off the golf course in the Finnish region with a slippery slope.

- It is possible for me to do so. It is possible to dictate Renumlag där.


The best name for this is Hannus av Bröderna Wackström, Patrick och Sixten. The purple Borgåbyns trio var alltså häpnadsväckande sjunde i OS! Och tränare på plats? Givetvis Ole Wackström.


After OS i Los Angeles 1984, Hannus cycled on the shelf - for Andra Gången. Han slutade redan efter Moskva men Finlands cykelförbund fick honom övertalad att fortsätta. This can be done.


This is the case for professional professionals

Vinden blåser kall då Harry Hannus stegar över Gården fram till garaget där han förvarar sin cykel.

The product does not contain any additional components. Attic of the eye and the servant of Harry.

- It is clear that there is no need to do so. If a block is found on the surface of the product. Mina Gamla tävlingscyklar har jag inte kvar mera. For the purposes of this Regulation, Mr Hannus may be accompanied by a staff of Borgå 30.


We can say that this time is a career. Smått överraskande för en Seger i de Nordiska Mästerskapen med sig de allra varmaste minnena.

- Visst var det stort att vara med i OS och VM men det är segrar som räknas, och det är segern i NM 1974 jag minns bäst och uppskattar högst, Säger Hannus.

- It may be that Sven-Åke Nilsson is losing and looking for a good time. Jag hann ikapp lite fista sista kilometern, och 200 meter fåre mål satsade jag allt och vann bath i spurten. Det var fint.


Nilsson hade tidigare samma år vunnit VM-guld i lagtempo och var på väg ut i proffsvärlden där han senare tog flera värdefulla segrar.

Hannus förblev amateur hela karriären. It is also suitable for professional use.

- It was not known until 1945, when it was published in 1975. It was not possible for me to do so, but I said.

- I would like to see a picture of the family and the results of the call. It is possible for a single person to do so and to be able to do so in a professional manner.

Långt över ett FM-guld per invånare

Bilarna susar förbi på and sidan granhäcken som skyddar Gården från insyn. Efter en kilometer har bilarna kört Yesom Renum - cyklisternas by.

How long does the FM-go go by? In this context, Achilles' history is important.

  • Harry och sönerna Mathias och Michael Hannus: 57

  • Ole och sönerna Patrick och Sixten Wackström: 88

  • Yngve Tallsten in the 1960s and 1970s: 3

  • Byns senaste stora profil Kjell Carlström: 11

Tillsammans ofattbara 159 FM-guld i en by med knapap 100 invånare.

- Nå jo, nog har det väl blivit lite framgång, Säger Hannus anspråkslöst och ställer cykeln tillbaka i garaget.




Harry Hannus is a commander in the field 33 and the general sport rankings in Sweden 50 are based on the genome tiderna.

Källor: Hans & Stig Andersson: Akilles femtioårshistorik (1952), Stig Andersson: Borgå Akilles 90 år (1992).



My father Ole


My father's career was in many ways a natural continuation of the Porvoo´s decades-long cycling tradition, which originated in the 1920s, when Raul Hellberg placed Porvoo in a cycling map of Finland and the Nordic countries. Albin Andersson was my father's great idol, after all he was a big name in cycling circles in Porvoo after the wars. In the war, Albin lost his left hand. My father was loyal to Akilles of Porvoo all of his life, and he became an honorary member of the association.


My father had six siblings, and he grew up in Bosgård, about 10 kilometers east of Porvoo. The sport entered the picture early. His favourite hobbies were skiing in the winter and cycling in the summer. Cycling was started by the Sannainen Youth Society. Birger Fransman was its initiator. In 1949, at the age of 17, my father, with the help of his aunt Aili, was able to raise enough money for his first real racing bike, and it didn’t take long for the result to start coming.


In his cycling career, Ole collected many, many wins and made several top scores. The length and success of his career is evidenced by the fact that he won his last Finnish Championship medal at the age of 43 in 1975. That’s when he won silver in the colors of Akilles by 100 kilometers. In the individual competitions, Ole won 13 Finnish Championship gold medals, and a total of 29 medals, including team gold medals, were collected in 1955-75. Total number ofFinnish Championship -medals had as many as 59, including 32 individual races, which tells his own story of my father's  importance of cycling in the history of Finland. In addition to these, Ole won 46 Svenska Finlands Idrottsförbund (SFI) championships.


A brief glance at the international career is also in place. He represented Finland at the 1968 Mexican Olympics and the 1972 Munich Games. He participated in the World Championships and the Nordic Championships four times. In addition to the value competitions, Ole reached several top positions in foreign competitions, and he set several Finnish records on the track.


Despite all the success in Ole´s career, he thought there was one particular win over the other's . It was the Porvoon Ajo of victory on May 26, 1968. Winning in front of a cheering home crowd at the Porvoo sports field was the best thing ever, and that feeling never fled from his view. After his active season, Ole coached our Olympic cyclists, e.g. To the Moscow Games in 1980 and to the Los Angeles Games in 1984.


Mentioned that the original Wackströmien clan were also brothers Erik and Bror, both of which reached a medal championship level.


My interest in cycling awoke around the summer of 1967. My father Ole took part in the World Cycling Championships in the Netherlands and brought a Peugeot t-shirt as a gift, similar to the one worn by professional riders. From then on, I wore the shirt diligently. In 1968 I asked for a racing bike and the very next day I had used the Crescent bike cycling section surplus stock. Unless I remember wrong, my brother Sixten got access to the Monarch bike a little later.


In 1973, I started training with my father and neighbor, Yngve Tallsten. We toured the so-called Ilola tour, ie Sannainen-Porvoo-Ilola-Sannainen. We toured one, two or three laps and that loop was my cycling school during that summer. In the autumn I won my first Finnish Championship gold in Kälviä in a 20 km time trial in the M15 class.


Ole´s training loops with Harry Hannus in all weather conditions are legendary. He also served for many years as coach of SFI’s cycling division. Ole also had several “disciples” to whom he shared his extensive experience and expertise in the field of sports.


Ole´s disciples are very grateful that the Akilles Cycling Section honor the memory of Ole Rafael Wackström by organizing a memorial run.


Respectfully yours,

Ole´s son Patrick Wackström



Ole Wackström, the most important debtor in Porvoo


When we first met at the beginning of the millennium at Porvoo Market Square, Ole Wackström was holding a gun in his hand. Not for me, but to send the pedalers driving to Porvoo: pam, pam!


Half a century earlier, a starting pistol sent a young man to tour Porvoo. In the summer of 1954, second place would take hold. Wackström achieved his only victory in his home races with his fifteenth attempt in 1968. Ole, a 35-year-old under the age of thirty, received a playful nickname Gubben from the press in addition to the trophy.


Over a decade later, I am the oldest, 1958 born Patrick -boy cut off 1979 qualifying Harry Hannus seven consecutive victory over the pipe.


I will not give up Cressu


A veteran veteran is spinning with his orange Crescent against my blue excursion model of the same sign on Jakari village road in eastern Porvoo.


Ole, who trains on the tracks of his home, is a familiar sight. Almost every morning in September, Wackström, who turns 77, climbs his saddle. A cress or a lower mountain bike in between rattles a section of gravel roads in the house, continuing on the rolling asphalt roads.


  • My first bike was still the Monarch. I guess it was 1949 when I got 200 marks from the aunt for my bike at the age of sixteen. Otherwise, I have remained Crescent on the back. First in the saddle of a 3-speed Faubert hub, since then the models have changed, the brand no. It wasn’t until the ’70s that I tried the French Peugeot brand for a while.


The second place in the Mäntsälä Star Race in the 100-kilometer race in 1953 raised the junior's faith in his abilities.

  • Before that, I already participated in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. The task of our Juniors was to mark the route of the competitors.


I sat in swings returns to mind home from falling from the roof of the house brush it sometimes repairing the 60 century.


  • Had to practice on a broken wrist with rollers in that liter.


From the midst of the garden berry bushes and apple trees appear Jakarin village road I've made five Olympic rings.


The sons became father´s  followers


After the Helsinki Olympics, the Porvoo cyclist pedaled 16th place in the personal four-kilometer chase of the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. There was a tense atmosphere at the Games. There were demonstrations in the streets as well as a podium with American black athletes raising their fists.


  • Along the route, rocks were thrown at one of the pedestrians. Fortunately, did not hit.


The Munich Olympics in 1972 there was a major bike crash at the beginning of the road while driving, which means that as well as Ole and Harry Hannus had to stop the competition.


Ole participated in the Moscow 1980 and 1984 Los Angeles Olympics as a coach. In Moscow in particular, seventh place in the team race warmed his heart. In addition to Hannus, in the team of four, raced his own sons Patrick and Sixten and Kari Puisto from Tampere. In Los Angeles, his sons raced 13th place in the team-driving quartet.


In the coffin


There are many long races around the world. In Morocco in 1964, 2,596 kilometers were accumulated in a 17-day drive. The most special ordeal occurred during the four-day Warsaw-Berlin-Prague peace journey on a 2220-kilometer journey in the late 1960s.


- On the Czechoslovak side before Prague, there was first a sweaty ascent in the mountains, followed by a kilometer-long descent in cold weather. Despite the newspapers I stuffed into my breasts, I got so cold that I ended up in an ambulance hospital after the downhill.


  • There, the mut was placed in a black coffin lined with aluminum papers with heat lamps. The blood set off and eventually rose from the coffin to the books of the living.


It was cold in peacetime, Hannus, who participated in them as a junior, remembers. The racing scouts recalled the spacing at the Spring Meeting of Old Debts in Porvoo.


Wackström is trampling on the pages of his bilingual scrapbook by bustling his rivals.

  • Nyman's Paul from Tampere had a very difficult time in the 50's. Unto Hautalahti, Antero Lumme, here from Porvoo Kaj-Uno Johansson and Karhut Eero and Pertti…


In some magazine photos, the winner poses from above in a trot. The earliest road races on gravel roads could have been heavy trails. Like the 180-kilometer Helsinki - Hanko race trampled in the rain, Ole recalls.


Wackström coached many juniors in the secrets of racing cycling, which requires perseverance and a sense of tactics, while serving as the coach of the cycling division of the Finnish-Swedish sports organization SFI.


Keeping fit makes a champion. For example, in 1968, Ole recorded his training kilometers: running 19,500, running 1,000, and skiing 2,000 kilometers.


  • I once finished fourth in the national ski race.


A veteran veteran may still run 18 kilometers from Jakari to Porvoo Square and back. Business trips also went smoothly. Wackström worked from 1957 to 1992 as a telephone installer for Posti-Tel in the Porvoo region. The employer had enough understanding for his races. Maintenance and consumption subsidies accumulated slightly in the Crescent stable. Olympic coaching again from sports federations.


The living room’s long closet full of awards for a two-wheeled home trampled was last awarded this summer.


  • I just won a local exercise bike draw with bike lights, grinning with a grown-up velo.


Text: Esa Aallas (Pikajalka-lehti 2.2009)


Ole Wackströmin 1. muistoajon kunniastartti Olen omien oppipoikien Sixten ja Patrick Wackströmin johdolla.

I will not give up Cressu,
Ole Wackström

Why We're Great >

Ole ja Cressu_1.JPG

Ensimmäinen pyöräni oli silti Monarkki. Taisi olla vuosi 1949, kun sain tädiltäni kuudenseitsemäntoista vanhana 200 silloista markkaa pyörää varten. Muutoin olen pysynyt Crescentin selässä. Ensin 3 -vaihteisen Faubert-keskiöllä varustetun satulassa, sittemmin mallit ovat vaihtuneet, merkki ei. Vain 70-luvulla kokeilin hetken ranskalaista Peugeot -merkkiä.

Kjell Carlström

Kjell Carlström (born 18 October 1976 in Porvoo) is a road cyclist from Porvoo who competed as a professional in 2002–2011.


He participated in the Tour of France in 2005, 2006 and 2007. His best ranking in the Tour of France is second place in the 8th stage from 2006.


On March 12, 2008, Carlström won the third leg of the Paris-Nice race after finishing better than his relegated partner Clément Lhotellerie. They had left the main group along with Bradley McGee at the very beginning of the stage. There was only L’hotellerie left on the rest of the hill - Carlström spun from the duo to the finish line as the winner. This is one of the most significant victories in the history of Finnish professional cycling. Kjell Carlström took one of the biggest victories in Finnish cycling history.



Carlström in the 2007 Tour prologue


Carlström drove from 1995 to 2001 as an amateur in both the U23 and Elite classes. The best achievements as an amateur were the best U23 driver in the "PostGirot open" race in 1997 and the overall race victory in the Tour de Serbia in 1999. Also in 2000 and 2001 came a few good placements and victories in foreign races that helped Carlström become a professional.


Carlström drove at the Italian Amore & Vita-Beretta from 2002-2004. In 2003, he won the 2nd stage of the Saaremaa Velotour competition and the overall competition. He had already won the same race in 2000. He was also the best in 2003 on the 7th leg of the Tour of Queensland. In 2004, Carlström won the 2nd stage of the Uniqa Classic competition and the overall competition.


In 2005, Carlströn also moved to the Italian World Tour from one of the top teams to the Liquigas team. He won the 3rd stage of the Uniqa Classic that year. Carlström's contract continued until the end of 2009.



The transition from an active athlete to a leader


In the 2010 season, Carlström moved to compete in the British Team Sky professional team. Carlström announced he would end his professional career on December 28, 2011, when Team Sky did not renew his contract.


He served as the assistant team leader at the IAM Cycling stable from 2013 until the end of the stable, until the end of the 2016 season. In 2017-18, he served as the team leader for the Israel Cycling Academy, then as the sports manager for 2019, and then started a new World Tour team as the GM, general manager of Israel Startup Nation.


He won the Finnish Road Racing Championships in 2000, 2004, 2009 and 2011. Finland's most important international race in Porvoo, Kjell Carlström, has won six times and engraved his name in the magnificent Hellracer trophy donated by Porvoo Energia in 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2009 and in 2011. Carlström was the number one cyclist of his time in Finland.



Cycling lessons in Akilles cycling coaching


Kjell Carlström learned from Akilles in strong cycling coaching. His coach was Ole Wackström, who also coached Harry Hannus, the man behind many Achilles breeders and top Finnish cyclists.


Only a very few Finnish professional cyclists can compare Carlström's achievements in professional competitions. Carlström drove as a professional for ten years and most of them in top stables such as Liquigas and Team Sky.


He drove the Tour de France three times, more than any other Finn - and finished second in his best stage in 2006. He also drove the Giro di Italia and Vuelta Spain three times both.


Carlström represented Porvoon Akilles, IF Länken, TuUL and TWD Länken in Finland during his racing years. After his active career, he is still more than active on the professional tour, serving in various roles in several stables and now as the general manager of the new World Tour team Israel Startup Nation. Kjell Carlström is an important influencer and background force of the Akilles Green Team. He helps our young riders find their place in foreign amateur and professional teams.


Kjell Carlström will celebrate a stage victory in the Paris-Nice race in 2008. Clement Lhotellerie, who finished second, behind. Photo: imago sportfotodienst / All Over Press

Marble Surface

There, I was placed in a black coffin lined with aluminum papers with heat lamps. The blood set off and eventually I rose from the coffin to the books of the living.

Ole Wackström, Akilles champion cyclist and coach, on the icy 2,200 km Warsaw-Berlin-Prague peace race of the late 1960s,

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