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I am a 14-year-old cyclist from Mäntsälä. In the autumn of 2020, I will move to the ninth grade of Riihenmäki Secondary School. I will play and compete in the coming season at least in mountain biking, enduro and cyclocross. I may also be running some country races. I have been training systematically for about five years. Before starting my cycling hobby I competed in motocross and the brightest achievement from there was the 65cc SM team championship in the HyMK team.


So far my best race has been the Borlänge Tour (three-day stage race) mountain biking race in Sweden since last summer where I finished third in the opening stage. The Borlänge Tour has always been the most anticipated and most important race of the season, with the toughest juniors in Sweden and Finland taking part.


I train purposefully and see where it leads. Last season, my biggest challenges were allergies and asthma. Many races went to ruin because of asthma. It is hoped that the renewed medication will provide a solution to this problem for this period. Of course, I try to win every race in which I take part and then let’s look at what was achieved after the season.


I have a jumping stick for jumping that I like to ride bigger jumpers and have fun on the bike anyway. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see my latest updates :) I also like tricks scoot.


I also learned to enjoy the hard workouts, and doing that with my father quite often hard pull exercises to increase performance.





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