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I am a 15-year-old racing cyclist and M14 series of 2019 sm terrain XCO silver medalist, as well as road racing and time trial bronze medalist at the Porvoo Akilleesta.


I live in Lahti and in the 2018 season I represented Lahti Cyclists. I moved to Achilles for the 2019 season to develop into a better cyclist and learn to be a better cyclist and athlete on and off the bike.


My goal and dream is to one day get a contract with a UCI World Tour team, represent Finland on the national team and be the best cyclist in the world.

In the future, I also want to drive all the big laps and other big races. Wherever I end up in the field of cycling, I always try to do my best for myself and the team.


In addition to cycling, I like to listen to music and I relax while listening to it. Otherwise I'm on my own and I go jogging every day, rain or shine.


Track record:




Road sm 2019 M14 3.

Tempo sm 2019 M14 3.

Be Wackström's memory drive 2019 M14: 3.

Autumn stages 2019 M14 1. (overall competition).

Excavator block 2019 M14 2.

SFI Championship 2019 road M14 1.

SFI Championship 2019 tempo M14 1.

Perch GP 2019 M14 1.

Royal cycling 2019 50km 2.

Golden crank road cup 2019 M14 3.

Be Wackström's memorial run 2018 M14 6.




Xco SM 2019 M14 2.

Tahko mtb 2019 M14 1.

Evoc mtb 2019 M14 2.

Kuusankoski mtb 2019 M14 2.

Korso mtb 2019 M14 1.

Shoot XCM2018 M14 3.

Laajavuori XCM 2018 M16 2.

Tahko mtb 2018 M14 5.

Tahko mtb 2017 M12 3.

Korso mtb 2017 M12 5.

Laajavuori mtb 2017 M16 5.

XCO SM 2017 M12 5.


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