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I am a 19-year-old Hyvinkää racing cyclist. I will graduate next summer 2020 as a student from Hyvinkää Co-educational High School.


Enthusiasm for cycling began with testing the trails and jumps in the nearby forest. I started mountain biking at the age of 8, in 2009 in Hyvinkää Cyclists. I started competing in competitions in the Southern Finland region in 2010.


In a magazine photo taken from the first race, I was sneaking on my leg and with a regular bike. My first foreign race was on the 2012 Borlänge Tour. In 2013, the road bike joined the training.


In 2015, the internship became systematic throughout the winter and summer. My coach at the time was Tommi Halonen. In the same year, he also took part in the Junior European Championships in Graz, Austria, in the Finnish U15 team. I also participated in e.g. To the M14 final competition of the Estonian Cup.


I started racing on the highway in the summer of 2016. At the end of the year I changed to Akille in Porvoo, and at the same time my coach changed to Kari Myyryläinen. I will continue to coach Kari Myyryläinen in that club as my main sport. I train an average of 15 hours a week.


In my free time, I like seeing my friends, playing computer games, and swimming.


My best achievements:


The following places in the Southern Finland Regional Weekly Cup:

2011 (1.), 2012 (1.), 2013 (2.), 2014 (1.)


M10 (2011): SM bronze (terrainXCO)


M12 (2013): SM bronze (terrainXCO)


M14 (2015): SM bronze (terrainXCO)

KorsoXCO UCI (1st place)

Hyvinkää XCO (1st place)


M16 (2017): SM silver (terrainXCO)

SM silver (road)

SM silver (time trial)


M18 (2018): SM silver (road)

Championship bronze (time trial)

European Championship participation in Luxembourg Patton GP (23rd place)

Tour de DMZ Korea stage race (4th place on stage)


M18 (2019): SM gold (road)

SM_silver (time trial)

SM silver (block)

U6 stage race Sweden (prologue 3rd place and overall race 3rd place)


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