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##  General Terms and Conditions for Green Team Finland mobile application


+ Version: February 26th, 2021


### Scope

Moprim Oy, a limited liability company incorporated in Finland (reg number FI27324425), having its registered address at Lautatarhankatu 6, 00580 Helsinki, Finland (hereinafter referred to as  "Moprim") and Porvoon Akilles ry, association registered in Finland (reg number FI06699529) (hereinafter referred to as  "Akilles") are providing you a smartphone application Green Team Finland for mobility measurement (hereinafter referred to as the “App”), with which you (hereinafter also referred to as the “User”) can measure and track your movements, your modalities and your mobility during your everyday activities, join communities (hereinafter referred to as “Community”), where you can share your movement data with the Community,  within the framework of these General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”), as well as take advantage of other services from Moprim and Akilles and their partners (hereinafter referred to in general as the “Service”).

Services might include additional terms and conditions. By using the Service you need to accept additional terms and conditions.


Communities might include additional terms and conditions. When joining to the Community, you need to accept additional terms and conditions.

### Registration

You need to use the App with your own name, personal info and using your own identities. As User, you are personally in charge of all Community and Service use with the App and possible usage costs.

You must first register to the App, thereby creating an account. You will provide your valid email address and password to register. By clicking on the “register now” button, you are requesting the conclusion of an agreement regarding the use of our service. In doing so, you also consent to Green Team Finland General Terms and Conditions and Data Privacy Provisions valid at the time of your registration.

Moprim and Akilles accepts this request by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you provide at the time of your registration. You need to confirm the registration and these Terms according to the received instructions. We reserve the right to reject your registration without providing grounds for doing so. You may only hold one account at a time. You may only register as a natural person. Legal entities are not allowed to open an account.

Moprim and Akilles reserves the right to delete your account if you have not used the App for a period of at least six (6) months, or if we can no longer reach you through the e-mail address you have provided.


### Use of the App - Movement Data

After registering successfully, you can start recording your personal movement data using the App. To do so, the App on your smartphone will collect your movement data (hereinafter referred to as “movement data“). After data have been transmitted to our server, the app automatically analyzes which means of transportation you are using to travel (for example walking, biking, car,bus, metro, train, etc.) The app shows you your recorded trips, which it determines using collected location points. You can view a geographical representation of the individual stages on a map, when available.


The app also summarizes your personal movement data using statistics, which provide information on the number of types of transportation used, on what percentage of the time you use each one, and on your CO2 footprint.

If you have joined a Community, some of your movement data will be shared with the other members of the Community or with the owner of the community with your consent given prior joining the community.

App runs in your phone in the background also when the App user interface is not active. You decide when and for how long the app collects your movement data. You are free to start, interrupt, or end the data collection at any time.

You can learn about how our app reads your movement data in Green Team Finland Data Privacy Statement .

Although our technology is highly precise, it is possible that the app may create incorrect recognitions in some cases. You can correct these incorrect recognitions in the app.


You must conform to the provisions of these Terms and to valid statutory regulations during your use of the App, Communities and Service provided by Moprim and Akilles. Any use which is contradictory to these provisions or to valid statutory regulations is forbidden. The right to use is not exclusive and you do not have the right to transfer the use of right to others.

In particular, the following are forbidden:

+ providing incomplete or untrue statements;

+ changing or falsifying information and movement data in an untruthful manner;

+ opening an account in the name of a third party;

+ entering information or data pertaining to another person;

+ transferring your account to a third party;

+ providing your login information and account to other persons or granting other persons access to these;

+ changing, manipulating, subverting, overloading, hacking, attacking with viruses or malware, or intervening in any other manner with the Service, Community or the app and the software and security measures upon which they are based;

+ installing and using the app on a mobile telephone designated for use by another person without their consent.

+ you are not allowed to copy or modify App or Service or decompile it to source code, create new versions or in any way access the App source code.

Moprim and Akilles reserves the right to block or remove access to your account temporarily or permanently or to delete your account at its own discretion if we have reason to suspect that you are using your account in a forbidden manner.

Moprim or Akilles shall not be obligated to provide the App, Community or to offer the Service. 


### Governing Law

The Terms are governed by the laws of Finland without regard to its conflicts of law provisions.


### Validity

The Terms neither exclude nor limit any of your mandatory rights in your country of residence that cannot by law be waived. If a provision of the Terms is found to be invalid under mandatory legislation, the invalid provisions have no legal or binding force. The rest of the Terms remain valid. In the event one or more provisions of the Terms are not relevant to your use of the App or the Service, it shall not impact the validity or enforceability of any other provision of the Terms or the Terms as a whole. The provisions of the Terms that are intended to survive the termination of your profile remain valid also after such termination.


### Changes to Terms

Moprim and Akilles may modify the Terms at any time without prior notice if the change is based on the change of legislation or other specific reason or a substantial change in circumstances.


### Intellectual Property

The App, the Service, Content and related materials are protected under international copyright laws. Moprim claims copyrights in its Service, Content, and the related materials to the maximum extent of the law. Subject to the Terms, Moprim and its licensors retain all right, title and interest in the App, Communities, the Service, Content and the related materials provided to you in or in connection with the App or the Service.



### Assignment

Moprim may assign its rights and obligations under the Terms to its corporate parent or to its subsidiaries. Additionally, Moprim may assign its rights and obligations under the Terms to a third party in connection with a merger, acquisition, sale of assets, by operation of law or otherwise.


### Disputes

If you consider that the rights given to you under the consumer laws have been infringed and a dispute concerning the Terms cannot be resolved through negotiation between you and Moprim and Akilles, you may contact a local supervisory authority. Helsinki, Finland shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes between Moprim and Akilles and yourself.



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