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I am a 17-year-old cyclist Pyhtää. My main sport is road cycling and sometimes I might show up in triathlon.


I started cycling in Achilles, Porvoo, in 2014 as a new sport alongside swimming. My strengths on the bike are a few miles uphill and time trial. Demanding competitive routes where solutions are made before the final rounds suit me.


I drive through my first in the U19 series in 2020. I look forward to the victories in the junior series and the medal for the Finnish Championship time trial and highway.


Main sport of cycling a work-out I started in 2017. I have been doing before cycling race swimming up to 9 years old. Swimming was included in the training until 2018, after which the training has focused on cycling.


Triathlon Championships, I also visited almost every year in at least one race. First triathlon competitions I have attended 11 years of age.




  • 2016 Challenge Turku Sprint triathlon 2nd place in M18 series

  • 2017 Kalmar Minitriathlon 1st place M16 series

  • 2017 Challenge Turku Sprint triathlon 2nd place in M18 series

  • 2018 Challenge Turku Sprint triathlon 1st place in M18 series

  • 2018 Finntriathlon Vierumäki Olympic trip 1st place in the M18 series

  • 2019 Turku quarter times 1st place in the M16 series.

  • 2019 Hervanta excavator block 1st place in the M16 series.

  • 2019 Rosendahl GP 1st place in M16 / kat2 series.

  • 6th place in the 2019 Finnish Championships in the U19 series.

  • 2019 Autumn stages victory for each start and overall race in the U19 series.

  • Finish in the Norwegian Artic Heroes of Tomorrow U19 series. Competition for the top of the age group.

  • Represented by the Finnish Olympic Committee as a representative of the national team at the 2019 Baku Youth Olympic Festival (the competition was canceled due to a technical problem)


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