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I am a 43-year-old Swedish language lecturer at Porvoo. A coach who has held many different positions in team sports. Sports Crazy.


My goal as a lifestyle athlete is to look for my own boundaries in endurance sports. Learn and evolve every day. To be able to participate fully in ELITE-class competitions in the near future.


Road cycling has been part of my own actual supportive sport (Hockey) since 1991. However, I did not drive the first race until the summer of 2016. Systematic betting on the sport began after knee prosthesis in the spring of 2017. Following my career as a peer (junior playmate) Kjell Carlström and the traditional Porvoon Rides as a spectator, I became a cycling fan over the years.


My career in road cycling


I ran my first race in July 2016. I redeemed my license for the first time in the summer of 2017 when rehabilitation from knee surgery had progressed far enough. I have competed since then diligently in various categories. I train 12-22 hours a week, subject to the limits of other responsibilities, as a self-coach.


My best achievements


2018 Siuntion Ajot, 3. KAT 2


2019 Forssa Summer Evening, 1st Master 1


1996 World Championship silver U20 (hockey)


2010 World Cup Bronze (Ice Hockey)


2011 Finnish champion (hockey)


2013 Finnish champion (hockey, player coach)


2020 Finnish champion (hockey, coach)


1996-2007 Total 7 years in Sweden (hockey)


2013, 2014 Finnish champion (football, physics coach)

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