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My goal is to make the Akilles Green Team together with our team the best team in Finland, a team that works against climate change with a sustainable value base and example and gets a large number of companies and their staff involved to work with us for the climate. I want to develop the resources of our team so that we can create a pathway for young cycling talents to realize their cycling dreams, championships and professionalism. Nothing brings me as much joy as seeing our young talents develop toward their own dreams.


I am a team manager of the Akilles Green Team and the President of  Porvoon Akilles Cycling. I am now as a Chairman of the eighth year. Of these years, Jussi Kuha practically took care of one year of these during my serious illness. Thanks to Jussi. For my day job, I help companies in the region to grow in the local development company Posintra Oy.


In total, I have more than 25 years of experience in ICT management positions in business, marketing, strategy and customer relationship management. A couple of years ago I got sick very seriously, but thanks to the Finnish health care and to the highest forces, I have a good pace improving. That experience had a lot to do with what I think about life. At the top is gratitude for each day.


My family includes my wonderful wife Sara Ray and awesome kids, fresh college student Fanny and high school student Roy, and and two dogs.


My childhood family lived in Seinäjoki. My father's aunt and her cousins ​​lived in Tarkkinen, Porvoo. We often spent summer days in Porvoo and went swimming in Kråkö. My father was an athlete, he played baseball, football and volleyball. So the interest in sports started from a little boy. I always watched the Sports news on Sundays from start to finish. This is how I got to know Porvoo cycling, Harry Hannus and Wackström, even then. They became my sports heroes, which also included the players of Seinäjoen Maila-Jussit in both baseball and volleyball. Volleyball was chosen as my own sport. I replaced my shortness with explosive jumping power. However, the jump from the 15-year-olds straight into the representative team ring felt too great. I was still playing volleyball after studying at the University of Helsinki Sports Club. The knees broke and even this beloved species was forced to end in its thirties. This was followed by a 15-year period that led to responsible management positions at work. The working days were long, and training was left out except for walks and wilderness hikes. The hood grew. The turn took place at the age of 47, when I started doing Nordic walking and cycling. The wheels changed from a hybrid to a road bike and the loops lengthened.



I don’t have a road biking career, except for teenage rides on my first road bike, which was Russian Sputnik. It wasn’t any special bike, but it drove its cause. Later, I bought a Nopsa touring bike with a great Sachs Commander derailleur, as it came to cycling on Höga Kusten in Sweden, from where the journey continued into the mountains of Åre. After years in Porvoo, the hybrid bike changed in the early 200s to Spessu and S-Works, which have run a lot of their own fitness runs. Later, as the leader of the Akilles Road Academy, I got a lot of awesome cycling company. Under the fifties I've driven a few thousand kilometers per year as a separate and universal delight of my condition. Good general condition also helped to cope with very heavy treatments. For training, the illnesses took a two-year break. Now I again got on a bike.


In the Akilles Tempo Championships, second place in the M40 series in 2011 is the pinnacle of my cycling career. I gave a little leveling in my over 50s. As a result, there was an invitation to the club’s closing ceremony, free beer and a fun bike club changed to board responsibility during the same evening and in 2013 to develop the club as chairman. There are no free beers. This has been a great time for the most part, now everything is becoming even more exciting in the company.

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