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I am a 24-year-old cyclist from Hamina. Versatile sports have been part of my life since childhood. I have been active in road cycling after a few years of football hobby statements. Summer 2019 was only my first year as a licensee and I competed mainly in category 2 races. This year I learned a lot about the nature and requirements of the competitions.


My strength in competitions has proven to be a strong finish. On the other hand, your own pace of travel is probably the biggest development target for the coming training season. The coaching relationship with Kari Myyryläinen, which began in the autumn, certainly promises development in this field. My goal in the coming season is to further develop as a cyclist and contribute to the success of the Akilles elite team. I hope to get inside the team well and look forward to meeting other teammates at training camps.


By education I am an engineer and I work in the field of industrial shift foreman. Combining sports and shift work poses its own challenges with both training and participation in competitions.


Investments for the period 2019:


  • Porvoo Fitness Driving place 1.

  • Tavastia 3 days road stage (cat 2) place 2.

  • Bioracer Evoc GP (cat 2) place 3.

  • Hyrylä runs (cat 2) place 7.

  • Lahti Royal races ranked 10th.

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