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I am a 16-year-old high school student from Lahti. I represent Porvoo from Achilles. I have been driving a race bike terrain, road and Cyclocross working for two years.


My goal for the future is to be able to represent Finland in value competitions and to be able to compete more abroad. An important goal is also to enroll as a student and get a good postgraduate place.


Track record


  • Cyclocross SM gold in M16 series, 2019

  • Helc CX Cup overall competition victory in M16 series, 2019

  • XCO's SM bronze in the M16 series, 2019

  • Wide lining XCM silver in M16 series, 2019

  • 3rd place in the Rattapood Cup competition in Estonia, 2019

  • Victory of the 50 km distance of Royal cycling, 2018

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