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I am a 18-year-old Hyvinkää racing cyclist and student. Cycling I have done about 11 years. On the highway I've been competing for 5 years. I am active as a competitor and practicing uncompromising.


Last year I was one of the best juniors in Finland on the road and I got a lot of good results. I also represented Finland in both competitions.


Because last year was a success and because I won my age group U19 World Cup in South Korea, I got myself a stable seat from the CCB Foundation Racing stable in Boston, USA. In the future, I am one of the few Finnish, who drive almost exclusively abroad. More about my new team in Helsingin Sanomat's article: .


In the 2020 season, my goal is to drive as many foreign races as possible and gain as much experience as possible in racing in the new tougher class.


I represent the Achilles Green Team in Porvoo at least in all Finnish competitions. I think we have the best roster of Finnish teams in Achilles by 2020 and it is a pleasure to be a part of this team. Achilles has been my company and growth environment for several years and it has been great to see and be part of its growth cycle and the journey back to the top of Finnish cycling.


My cycling dream is definitely one day to ride at the World Tour or Pro Continental level, the achievement of which will still require a lot of hard work and good results.


My best achievements


- Junior Nations Cup Tour de DMZ South Korea overall victory and stage four second place, 2019

- U19 block SM gold, 2019

- U19 time trial SM bronze, 2019

- Cyclokross SM silver men Elite, 2020

- Helsinki Velotour 2. place men Elite, 2019

- XCO SM bronze 2019

- SFI cyclist of the year 2019

- Porchoo Achilles best Achilles Bästa 2019


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